Every transaction made will be protected by encryption, making your information visible, but inviolable. For everything to be properly monitored and under control, our safety system is extremely trustworthy. TotalX counts on a databank that is extremely difficult to be hacked, for it works with a blockchain that has a system of shared information, making possible the validation of multiple access points.


Our services may be obtained with more accessibility since our interface is intuitive and objective, with with easy access that gives us the spotlight and innovation, and it can be used anywhere in the world at any time. The practicality provided by our platform is excellent, and it is exclusive to provide convenience in access. Besides the intuitive platform, allowing you to use it without comprehension problems, you can also count on a series of tutorial videos made by our specialists.


We seek to offer the best of technology and intelligence, counting on high-performance professionals to deliver the best service and agility for you. With specialized market researches, we have the possibility of predicting our customer’s and user’s needs, and with strategic planning, we were able to create a modern and innovative platform.


All of your applications will be automatically transacted, without the need for worries, because we generate an earning percentage per day calculated based on the new robots available in the system. Our technology will handle the trade of your digital assets!